Club Code: EXC2027

Version: 1.0



  • ★ The club will be mainly focussing on mastering the skills in students by having various hands-on sessions and some projects
  • ★ Make students skilful in the devices Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Automation sensors, Actuators etc.
  • ★ Work on new technologies like Lora Gateway, Nvidia Jetson Nano etc to make students ready with the current world technologies.
  • ★ Host workshops in the institute for skill development and experience.
  • ★ Participate in technical events conducted by various colleges and represent our college through the club.
  • ★ Host Talks by professors and experts from our institute as well as other organisations on specific topics of interest


Expected Outcomes

  • ★ The students will have hands on knowledge in the field of IOT which will give them a deep understanding about the codes they are developing & how they are really implemented
  • ★ They will have a new skill to add to their resume which might increase their chance in placements
  • ★ IOT is a whole new zone, abundant of knowledge in IOT will help students in developing new projects and patenting them in future
  • ★ AI and Ml is the base of IOT hence the students will gain a lot of experience in the respective fields
  • ★ Industry is always interested in people who already have the necessary skills, which this club will provide


Club Coordinator


  • Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Dr. SHRADDHA MUKUND NAIK
  • Coordinator Email:
  • School: SCOPE
  • Cabin: