• To open the door for the students to be updated in different fields of science, technology, and engineering.
  • To provide the direct interaction of the students with technological leaders and innovators from every sector of the industry.
  • To create a platform such that our students can establish networking with students of other institutions.
  • To improve the technical skill and learning ability of the students by conducting different seminars and workshops to all branches of engineering.
  • To enhance the knowledge of students beyond the prescribed curriculum.

Expected Outcomes

  • Students get contacts for internships and future career opportunities.
  • The students become updated about latest technology.
  • The communication and management skills of the students are improved.
  • Students get opportunity to do collaborative research and projects with leading expert from local or aboard.


DateTitleResource Person
9th March 2019Think Smart Challenge
16th March 2019An expert talk on Advanced MOSDr. V. Narendar, NIT Warangal

Club Coordinator

  • Faculty Name: Dr. Rajesh Saha
  • Department: Electronics and Communications