GPU Users Group (GPUG)

GPU Users Group (GPUG)


Club Name: GPU Users Group (GPUG)

Club Code: EXC2030

Version: 1.0

Course Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of programming in C/C++ and Python is recommended



  • ★ To create a platform for to students who wish to explore the world of Graphics Processing Units.
  • ★ To make GPU programming certifications available for students.
  • ★ To organize lectures and workshops regarding GPU technology.
  • ★ To make students aware about GPU architecture and parallel computing on GPU
  • ★ To educate students on programming on GPU using C/C++ and Python
  • ★ To introduce students the emerging trends in industry like, gaming, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR).


Expected Outcomes

  • ★ Expertise in configuring GPU and installing relevant Frameworks
  • ★ The students are motivated to write explicit codes on GPU.
  • ★ Students will start exploiting GPUs for various applications such as AI, Gaming, Scientific Computing, AR, VR etc.