Faculty – SENSE


School of Electronics Engineering


Dr. Umakanta Nanda

Specialization Areas: Mixed signal VLSI Design, CMOS Analog and RFIC Design, System design using HDL

Dr. M. Jagadish Chandra

Specialization Areas: High Power Microwave Sources, Microwave Heating, Passive Microwave Components

Dr. Ravindra Dhuli

Specialization Areas: Image processing, statistical signal processing, biomedical signal processing

Dr. Y.V. Pavan Kumar

Specialization Areas: Microgrids, Smart Grids, Classical & Modern Control, Power Quality, Power Converters

Dr. N. Purnachand

Specialization Areas: VLSI System Architecture Design, Digital Video and Image Processing, ASIC and FPGA system design and optimization


Dr. D. John Pradeep

Specialization Areas: Machine learning, Nonlinear Control, Signal Processing

Mr. M. Kalyan Chakravarthi

Specialization Areas: Process control and automation, non linear control systems, neural networks, ANFIS

Dr. CH. Deepak

Specialization Areas: Digital systems, FPGA implementations, IOT, VLSI Circuits

Dr. Anoop Kumar Mishra

Specialization Areas: Bidirectional relaying system, Non-orthogonal multiple access cooperative network, Molecular communication networks

Dr. MD. Sameeulla Khan

Specialization Areas: Image Processing, Machine Learning, Signal Processing


Dr. Arun Kumar Sinha

Specialization Areas: Analog Electronics, Integrated circuit designs, VLSI circuits and simulations

Dr. Jayendra Kumar

Specialization Areas: Microstrip Antennas, Dielectric Resonators, RF & Microwaves

Dr. Sudha Ellison Mathe

Specialization Areas: VLSI Architectures, FPGA Design, Digital IC Design

Dr. N. Venkata Rajasekhar

Specialization Areas:UWB Metamaterial Planar Antennas Design and analysis, Design of Wideband Compact Planar Antennas, Gain Enhancement of compact planar antennas.

Dr. Sunny Dayal

Specialization Areas: Speech Enhancement, Machine Learning, Blind Source Separation, Digital Signal Processing


Dr. Neha Gupta

Specialization Areas: Remote sensing, Image processing, Machine Learning, Multispectral Image Analysis, Hyperspectral Image Analysis,

Dr. Smak Azad

Specialization Areas: Industrial Automation and Control,Industrial Communication Protocols, Control Area Networks, Embedded Systems, Process Control Systems

Dr. Samineni Peddakrishna

Specialization Areas: UWB Antennas, Metamaterial Antennas, Energy harvesting antennas, Reconfigurable Multiband antennas, Embedded Systems

Dr. Chandan Kumar Pandey

Specialization Areas: Microelectronics and VLSI design, Tunnel field-effect transistors , Device Modeling, Simulation of advanced CMOS devices for analog/RF applications, Materials characterization for Semiconductor Devices

Dr. Rohit Lorenzo

Specialization Areas: Low Power VLSI Design, CMOS VLSI Design, Memory Design and Digital circuits & System


Dr. Bappadittya Roy

Specialization Areas:Characterization of Dielectric Material, Microstrip Antenna, Microwave & Millimeter-wave frequencies

Dr. Agam Das Goswami

Specialization Areas:Multi-Point Stochastic Simulation, Signal Processing, Image Processing & Machine Learning

Dr. Lakhan Dev Sharma

Specialization Areas: Biomedical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Machine Learning

Dr. Rajeev Sharma

Specialization Areas: Signal Processing, Biomedical Signals Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Instrumentation

Dr. Gurumurthy Komanapalli

Specialization Areas: Analog Electronics, Analog VLSI design, CMOS current-mode analog building blocks, Electronic Devices


Dr. Praveen Kumar

Specialization Areas: Embedded System, Digital System Design, FPGA, Relay Design, Smart grid & Microgrid, Robotics & Automation

Dr. Suseela Vappangi

Specialization Areas: Wireless Communications, Visible Light Communications, Signal Processing for Communication, Free Space Optical Wireless Communications, Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems.

Dr. Subhasish Mahapatra

Specialization Areas: Instrumentation & Control, Nonlinear Control, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, Process Control Instrumentation

Dr. Khairnar Vikas Vishnu

Specialization Areas: RF and Microwave Engineering, Design and Development of Reconfigurable Antennas, Metamaterial Inspired Antennas, mmWave Antenna, Microwave Circuit Design

Dr. Chandu DS

Specialization Areas: Design and Measurement of Planar Antennas, Metasurfaces, Microwave and Optical Polarizers, EM Wave Propagation and Microwave Passive Devices


Dr. Chandan Nayak

Specialization Areas: Fractional Order Filter Design,Bio-medical Signal Processing,Soft Computing,Internet of Medical Things,Signal Processing for Big Data in Healthcare

Dr. Pradosh Ranjan Sahoo

Specialization Areas: Decentralized control,Time-delay system,Output feedback control,Positive System,Co-operative control

Dr. Atul Shankar Mani Tripathi

Specialization Areas: Organic /Flexible Electronics,  low Power CMOS VLSI Design,  Semiconductor Device Modelling, and Electrocaloric Devices.

Dr. S Priyanka

Specialization Areas: Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition 

Dr. Ajay Dagar

Specialization Areas: Spatial Audio Processing,Personal Audio Reproduction, Audio, Speech & Language Processing, Multi-modal Information Retrieval, Audio-Visual Signal Processing in Augmented & Virtual Reality.


Dr. Sivarama Krishna Pillutla

Specialization Areas: Digital IC design, VLSI architectures for cryptography, Mixed signal IC design, Delta-sigma ADCs, Power Management IC Design

Dr. Praveen Maurya

Specialization Areas: MEMS, SAW sensors, RF and Microwave, optical Sensors, Instrumentation

Dr. Muthu Krishnammal

Specialization Areas:  Digital Image Processing,Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning,VLSI System Design, Embedded Systems

Dr. M.Sucharitha

Specialization Areas: Image Processing,Deep Learning,Neural Networks,Machine Learning,Computer Vision

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Misra

Specialization Areas: Reversible and Quantum Computing, Beyond CMOS computing with an emphasis on QCA technology, Low Power VLSI Design,Magnetic and Nano-computing Circuits based on FinFET, Carbon based FETs and nanomagnetic logic, Design for Testability and Fault-Tolerant digital design


Dr. G Bharath Reddy

Specialization Areas: Antenna design, Microwave Engineering, Frequency selective surfaces,Metamaterial Engineering, other allied areas of Electromagnetic waves.

Dr. Abdul Kayom Md Khairuzzaman

Specialization Areas: Image Processing, Soft Computing, Swarm Intelligence

Dr. Anamika Lata

Specialization Areas: Transducer Design, Instrumentation System Design, Smart Sensing System ,MEMS, Artificial neural network and Machine learning, Sensor Interface Electronics, Sensor Systems, Biomedical Instrumentation.

Dr. Manish Kumar Singh

Specialization Areas: Organic/ Flexible Electronics, Opto/electronic Materials and Devices, Fabrication of thin-film based electronic devices, Nanotechnology, Micro/nanoelectronics & VLSI

Dr. Debanjali Sarkar

Specialization Areas: UWB Passive Components, EBG Structures, Machine Learning, Evolutionary Algorithms, Deep Learning, RF Energy Harvesting 


Dr. Chillu Naresh

Specialization Areas: Automation through PLC controllers, Nanoparticle synthesis and Chracterisation, diagnosis of electrical insulation systems, surface and bulk charge trap behaviour of nanocomposite materials, identification and classification of material degradation through machine learning algorithms

Dr. M. Krishnasamy

Specialization Areas: MEMS/NEMS Device Design, Renewable Energy, Microelectronics, Communication Systems, Solar-Wind Emulator.

Dr. Rajesh Kandala NVPS

Specialization Areas: Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

Dr. Sayyed Faizan Ali

Specialization Areas: Sensor Design, Sensor Optimization, MEMS, SAW, IoT techniques, ML classifiers.

Dr. Vinod Kiran K

Specialization Areas: Optical Wireless Communication, Free space Optics (FSO), Embedded Systems, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and Optical Networking.


Dr. Sumesh E P

Specialization Areas: Signal and Image processing, Artificial Intelligent systems, Communication Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Implementation of AI in Embedded systems

Dr. Swati Shukla

Specialization Areas: Power System Simulation, Development of EV Simulators, Demand Response Management, Electromagnetic Transient Analysis, Smart Homes

Dr. Sambhudutta Nanda

Specialization Areas: Metamaterial Design, Antenna Design, Softcomputing techniques, RF and Microwave Devices, Machine Learning

Dr. M Mahesh

Specialization Areas: Wireless Communication, Wireless Networks,  Sub THz LoS Networks, NOMA-based Communication Systems, Fixed Wireless Access Networks

Dr. Ashish Gupta

Specialization Areas: Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning, Data Science, Filter Design


Dr. Kankanala Srinivas

Specialization Areas: Image Processing, Computer Vision, Soft Computing, Compressive Sensing, DOA estimation.

Dr. Saladi Saritha

Specialization Areas: Image Processing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Biomedical Image Segmentation and Classification.

Dr. Ameet Chavan

Specialization Areas: Ultra Low Power Design, Radiation Hardening, Energy Harvesting, Industry Automation IOT, Innovation and Entrepreneurship