Faculty & Areas of Research – VISH

Faculty & Areas of Research



Dr. R. Thahiya Afzal
Associate Dean, VISH

Specialization Areas: Indian writing in English, Food Studies, ELT, ICT

Dr. Rasheda Parveen

Specialization Areas: English in India, Cultural Studies, History of Ideas


Dr. Tannistha Dasgupta

Specialization Areas: Language Assessment, Second Language Acquisition, Task-based Language Teaching

Dr. Pragya Sen Gupta

Specialization Areas: Translation Studies, Discourse Analysis, Comparative Literature

Mr. Carlin Pouamou

Specialization Areas: Foreign Languages- French & Spanish


Dr. Sudesh Manger

Specialization Areas: Translation Studies, English Literature, History of Nepal, Nepali Literature and Indian Writing in English

Dr. Rakhi N.K

Specialization Areas: Language Technology, Syntax, Corpus Linguistics, NLP, Cognitive Science

Mr. Chandan Vishwas

Specialization Areas: French Language & Literature, Francophone Literature & Culture, Canadian French Literature & Culture, Linguistics, Translation Studies

Dr. Raghavi R K

Specialization Areas: Health Humanities, Graphic Medicine, Comics Studies, Literature and Medicine, and Visual Studies

Dr. Deepjoy Katuwal

Literature and Socio-cultural Identities in South Asia, Studies in Eastern Himalayan Literature, Culture and Languages, Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies, Indian English Literature, South Asian Language and Literary Studies


Dr. Arenkala Kichu

Specialization Areas: English Language Teaching (ELT), English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Curriculum & Syllabus Design

Dr. Renuprasad Hemkiran Patki

Specialization Areas: Didactics of German as a Foreign Language, Contemporary German Poetry, German Love Poetry, Modern German Literature, German into Marathi Literary Translations

Ms. Kanaka Himabindu Pottumuthu

Specialization Areas: Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Urban Studies, Sustainable & Smart Cities, Ethnography and  Medical Anthropology.

Dr. Tania Chakravarty

Specialization Areas: Social History of Modern India, Economic History of Modern India, Urban History of Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century India, History of Constitutional Reforms in Early Twentieth Century India, Environmental History of Modern India

Dr. Priyanka Ghosh

Specialization Areas: Political Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, Protected Area Management, Human-animal Conflicts, Human-Environment Interactions in the Global South


Dr.Ankita Swetaparna

Specialization Areas: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Phonetics, Second Language Acquisition and Sociolinguistics

Dr.Nilanjana Ghosal

Specialization Areas: Religion in Contemporary American Fiction, Contemporary Gothic Studies, Women’s Literature, Feminist Theory, Contemporary American Literature

Dr.V Balasingh

Specialization Areas: British Literature till the 19th century, Postcolonial Literature, Indian Writing in English, Literary Theory and Literary Criticism.

Dr. Anindita Shome

Specialization Areas: Migration and Diaspora Literature; South Asian Diaspora; Indian Diaspora Literary and Cultural Studies; Youth Studies; Transnational Literary and Cultural Studies.

Dr. Shubhra Ghoshal

Specialization Areas: Performative arts,European Drama,Indian Writing in English,Indian Theatre,Literary Theories


Dr. Dheeraj Kumar

Specialization Areas: Swiss-French Literature, French Language & Literature, Translation Studies, French Culture, French Writings on India & Indian Writings in French

Dr. Suresh Jagannadham

Specialization Areas: Contemporary / Modern Hindi Literature, Tribal Discourse of Hindi Literature, Documentation of Tribal Oral Traditions, Arts, Language, Literature and Philosophy of Tribes, Socio,Cultural identity of De-notified, Nomadic and Semi -Nomadic Tribes in India.

Dr. Mahi S Tharavathu

Specialization Areas: Immigrant Narratives and Contemporary Irish Studies, Global South Studies, Dalit Literature, Ecological Humanities, Mapping the ‘Gothic’ and the ‘Sacred’ in  Space Discourses .

Dr. Devarati Roy Chowdhury

Specialization Areas: Food insecurity, livelihood analysis,Gender and Politics,Political Ecology and Political Ethnography,Landscape Governance,Election and Voting Studies

Ms. Neelima Adapa

Specialization Areas: Phonetics, English Language Teaching, Black Literature, Language variation, Innovations in ELT.


Dr. Sanjit Chakraborty

Specialization Areas: Philosophy of Science, AI and Morality, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics  

Dr. Arpana Venu

Specialization Areas: Intra-Asian Travel Writing, Translation Studies, Bhasha Literatures, Queer Studies and Film Studies.  

Dr. Anupama A.P

Specialization Areas: Film Studies, Spectatorship Studies, Semiotics, Space studies and Psychoanalysis.  

Dr. Nusrat Begum

Specialization Areas: Linguistic Landscaping, Research Writing, Language and Gender, Communication Skills, Advertising Language.  

Dr. Kankan Das

Specialization Areas: Language acquisition, Reading research- typical and atypical, Curriculum and materials development, Language testing and assessment, Language and Cognition, Teacher training and development  


Dr. Ann Mary George

Specialization Areas: Film Studies, Malayalam Cinema, Star Studies, Visual Culture, Popular Culture, Ecofeminism  

Dr. Amar Wayal

Specialization Areas: North American Native Studies, First Nations Cultural Politics, American Indian Rhetoric, Comparative Literature, and Critical Discourse Analysis  

Dr. Aby Abraham

Specialization Areas: Cultural Studies, Visual Culture, Photography, Popular Culture, Literary Criticism.  

Dr. Ilakkiya L

Specialization Areas: counselling Psychology, gender studies, health psychology and social psychology.  

Dr. Naveen Kumar Cherupelly

Specialization Areas: Science Technology & Society  Studies, Agrarian Studies, Information Communication And Technologies – Agricultural Extension, Sociology and Tourism  


Dr. Karishma Bisht

Specialization Areas: Psychoanalysis, Indian Aesthetics, World Literature, Literary Theory, Disability Studies.   

Dr. Joseph Alugula

Specialization Areas: Political Theory, International Relations (Indo-Israel Relations), Public Policy, Ageing, Social Security   

Dr. Rafael Gonzalez Macho

Specialization Areas: Spanish Language, Latin Language and Literature, Medieval Latin, Diachronic and Diatopic Linguistics  

Dr. Chandini Stephens

Specialization Areas: Teaching English Language Skills, Improving slow learners through tutorial classes, TESOL -Teaching English For The Speakers of Other languages.( I have done TESOL Certificate Course), Teaching Functional Grammar.  

Ms. Aswathy M

Specialization Areas: Psychologist, counselling & psychotherapy, positive psychology, character strengths and virtues, research