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Events Organized by SENSE: VIT-AP UNIVERSITY


Event Faculty Co-ordinator Date
GL – TIME-SENSITIVE NETWORKING Dr. Gurumurthy Komanapalli, Dr. Subhasish Mahapatra 18th June 2022
GL – Embedded-AI Dr. Samineni Peddakrishna, Dr. Jayendra Kumar 14th May 2022
GL – Introduction to morphological image processing Dr.Bappadittya Roy, Dr.Deepak Kr Panda 9th May 2022
GL – ASIC Flow/Synthesis to sign off flow and Job perspectives in the VLSI field Dr. Rohit Lorenzo 9th May 2022
GL – Introduction to VLSI and Opportunities for the future Dr.Sudha Ellison M S 7th May 2022
GL – Request for Expert Lecture (On-Line) and Research Collaboration at Vellore Institute of Technology Dr. Lakhan Dev 2nd May 2022
GL – Inverse Problem in Signal Processing: New Results from mathematics and open challenges Dr. Lakhan Dev Sharma, Dr. Chandan Kumar Pandey, Dr. Chandan Nayak 2nd May 2022
GL – Machine Learning for Digital Signal Processing Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Dr. Lakhan Dev Sharma, Dr. Chandan Nayak 2nd May 2022
IGL – Wireless Trends in Transforming Industries Dr. Bappaditya Roy , Dr. Agam Das Goswami 16th May 2022
ONE-WEEK NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON RF & MICROWAVE COMPONENTS (ONLINE) Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Dr. S Peddakrishna, Dr. Khairnar Vikas Vishnu, Dr. Chandu D S, Dr. Bappadittya Roy 14th to 20th May 2022
GL – The Guest Lecture titled “Silicon – A highway for anything Electromagnetic, Electrical and Optical” Dr.Sudha Ellison M S 30th April 2022
GL – Reinforcement Learning with General Utilities Dr. Mohan Bansal, Dr. Rajeev Sharma 25th April 2022
2nd One-Week Workshop on Technical Writing using LaTeX (Online) Dr. Mohan Bansal, Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Dr. Lakhan Dev Sharma 7th to 13th April 2022
GL – Research and Publication Ethics Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Dr. Samineni Peddakrishna, Dr. Umakanta Nanda 11th April 2022
GL – Bio – Signal Acquisition and Analysis Dr. Lakhan Dev Sharma, Dr. Chandan Kumar Pandey, Dr. Rohit Lorenzo 21st March 2022
GL – Cadence Tool Dr. Rohit Lorenzo, Dr. Chandan Kumar Pandey, Dr. Lakhan Dev Sharma 14th March 2022
GL – Recent Trends in Antenna Design Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Dr. Khairnar Vikas Vishnu, Dr. Chandu DS 14th March 2022
GL – Machine Learning: A Benefaction to Industrial Development Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Dr. Samineni Peddakrishna, Dr. Umakanta Nanda 14th March 2022
GL – National Code – a – thon Design Challenge. Hardware Design Contest using Verilog HDL Dr.Sudha Ellison M S, Dr. Purnachand N, Dr. Umakanta Nanda 13th March 2022
GL – AV1 Video Codecs: Overview and Hardware Design Dr. Purnachand N, Dr. Anoop Kumar Mishra, Dr. Ravindra Dhuli 10th March 2022
FDP – Advances in Antenna Technology Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Dr. Samineni Peddakrishna 10th March 2022
2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing 2022 Dr. Deepak Kumar Panda, Dr. Bappaditya Roy 12th to 14th Feb 2022
GL – Nutrition and wellness in adulthood. Dr.Sunny Dayal 8th Jan 2022
FDP – Device Simulation Using VISUAL TCAD Dr. Deepak K Panda, Dr. Umakanta Nanda, Dr. Chandan K Pandey 30th Oct 2021.
FDP – Digital Synthesis Using Cadence Genus Tool Dr. Purnachand N, Dr. Ch Deepak, Dr. Ravindra Dhuli 29th Dec 2021.
GL-Next Genaration Energy Storage and Conversion Devices Dr. Gurumurthy K, Dr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Subhasish M 28th Dec 2021.
GL- VLSI Functional verification: The Complete Industry Cycle Dr. Purnachand, Dr. Ravindra Dhuli, Dr. Sudha Ellison M 24th Dec 2021.
GL – Recent Trends and opportunities of acoustic echo cancellation in audio processing using machine learning – An Industry Perspective Dr. Sunny Dayal, Dr. Mohan Bansal 23rd Dec 2021.
GL -Recent Trends and opportunities of Digital VLSI Design-An Industry Perspective Dr. Deepak K Panda, Dr. Umakanta Nanda, Dr. Chandan K Pandey 18th Dec 2021.
FDP – Device and Circuit Simulation Using Synopsys Tools Dr. Deepak K Panda, Dr. Umakanta Nanda, Dr. Chandan K Pandey 18th Dec 2021.
GL – Insight of Solar photovaltaic cells modules, and off-grid systems Dr. Deepak Kumar Panda, Dr. Arvind K Prajapati, Dr. Praveen Kuamr 13th Dec 2021.
GL – Image Processing and Information Theory as an emerging application Dr. Agam Das Goswami, Dr. Bappadittya Roy, Dr. Mohan Bansal 11th Dec 2021.
GL – From Bits to Orbits: A High-Level Overview of Space Communication Dr. Anoop K Mishra, Dr. Neha Gupta, Dr. K Vikas Vishnu 6th Dec 2021.
GL – Device Edge Computing Dr. Bappadittya Roy, Dr. Samineni Peddakrishna, Dr. Agam Das Goswami 17th Nov 2021.
GL -Cache Coherence Technique in MultiCore Architecture Dr. Umakanta Nanda, Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Dr. Sudha Ellison Mathe 13th Oct 2021.
FDP – Full-wave Electromagnetic Numerical simulation Dr. Jayendra Kumar 12th Oct 2021.
Guest Lecture – Attack Mitigation in IoT Systems Dr. Ch Deepak, Dr. SMAK Azad 3rd Sep 2021.
International Workshop on Signal Processing using Machine Learning: Applications & Hands-On (Online) Dr. Amarjit Roy, Dr. Mohan Bansal, Dr. Lakhan Dev Sharma, Dr. Sunny Dayal, Dr. Neha Gupta, Dr. Rajeev Sharma 28th Aug 2021 to 1st Sep 2021.
5-Days Workshop on VLSI Device and Circuit Design Tools (Online) Dr. Rohit Lorenzo, Dr. Chandan Kumar Pandey and Dr. Umakanta Nanda 22nd June – 26th June 2021
5-Day Hands-On Training Program on Microstrip Microwave Components (Online) Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Dr. Bappadittya Roy and Dr. Khairnar Vikas Vishnu 24/05/2021 to 28/05/21
Webinar on Recent Trends and Opportunities in VLSI Dr. N Purnachand 24/04/2021
5-Days National workshop on Technical Report Writing using LaTex (Online) Dr. Mohan Bansal, Dr. Prateek Jain, Dr. Rajeev Sharma 05/04/2021-09/04/2021
One-day workshop on Microwave Hardware and Components Dr. Jayendra Kumar 08/03/2021
Industrial Visit to Dr. Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station (Dr. NTTPS), APGENCO Dr. Y V Pavan Kumar, Dr. John Pradeep 17/02/2020
Four days Faculty Development Program on Mapusoft RTOS simulator Dr. S Peddakrishna 05/02/2020 to 08/02/2020
Faculty Development Program on Python Productivity using PYNQ-Z2 Dr. S Peddakrishna 04/02/2020
Faculty Development Program on 3D Circuit Modelling using Multisim Mr. Kalyan Chakravarthi 04/10/2019
Faculty Development Program on ELVIS Boards and LabVIEW Dr. Y V Pavan Kumar 03/10/2019
Two-day Faculty Development Program on Cadence for VLSI Design-Front end to back end Dr. Umakanta Nanda, Dr. Deepak K Panda 26/09/2019 & 27/09/2019
Two Day hands-on FDP on Embedded Linux Programming Dr. Nandeesh Kumar, Dr. Ellison S M 28/06/2019 & 29/06/2019
One day hands-on FDP on Digital Signal Processing Dr. Sameeulla Khan Md, Dr. Jayendra Kumar 27/06/2019
Guest Lecture on “Emona Instruments Mr. Kalyan Chakravarthi 20/11/2019.
Guest Lecture on “Digital Signal Processing Dr. Jayendra Kumar 16/03/2019
First Annual Conference on Computer aided developments in Electronics and Communication (CADEC 2019) Dr. Achintya Kumar Sarkar, Dr. Jagadish Chandra M 02/03/2019 & 03/03/2019
ARM Wrestling – An Embedded Coding Contest (Code-A-Thon) Mr. Ganesh L K M, Dr. S Peddakrishna, Dr. Nandeesh Kumar. 01/11/2019
Digital Code Chef – A coding contest in Verilog (Code-A-Thon) Dr. Deepak CH, Dr. Deepak Kumar Panda 21/10/2019