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Events Organized by SENSE: VIT-AP UNIVERSITY


Event Faculty Co-ordinator Date
Device Simulation Using VISUAL TCAD Dr. Deepak K Panda, Dr. Umakanta Nanda, Dr. Chandan K Pandey 30th Dec 2021.
Digital Synthesis Using Cadence Genus Tool Dr. Purnachand N, Dr. Ch Deepak, Dr. Ravindra Dhuli 29th Dec 2021.
GL-Next Genaration Energy Storage and Conversion Devices Dr. Gurumurthy K, Dr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Subhasish M 28th Dec 2021.
GL- VLSI Functional verification: The Complete Industry Cycle Dr. Purnachand, Dr. Ravindra Dhuli, Dr. Sudha Ellison M 24th Dec 2021.
GL – Recent Trends and opportunities of acoustic echo cancellation in audio processing using machine learning – An Industry Perspective Dr. Sunny Dayal, Dr. Mohan Bansal 23rd Dec 2021.
GL -Recent Trends and opportunities of Digital VLSI Design-An Industry Perspective Dr. Deepak K Panda, Dr. Umakanta Nanda, Dr. Chandan K Pandey 18th Dec 2021.
Device and Circuit Simulation Using Synopsys Tools Dr. Deepak K Panda, Dr. Umakanta Nanda, Dr. Chandan K Pandey 18th Dec 2021.
GL – Insight of Solar photovaltaic cells modules, and off-grid systems Dr. Deepak Kumar Panda, Dr. Arvind K Prajapati, Dr. Praveen Kuamr 13th Dec 2021.
GL – Image Processing and Information Theory as an emerging application Dr. Agam Das Goswami, Dr. Bappadittya Roy, Dr. Mohan Bansal 11th Dec 2021.
GL – From Bits to Orbits: A High-Level Overview of Space Communication Dr. Anoop K Mishra, Dr. Neha Gupta, Dr. K Vikas Vishnu 6th Dec 2021.
GL – Device Edge Computing Dr. Bappadittya Roy, Dr. Samineni Peddakrishna, Dr. Agam Das Goswami 17th Nov 2021.
GL -Cache Coherence Technique in MultiCore Architecture Dr. Umakanta Nanda, Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Dr. Sudha Ellison Mathe 13th Oct 2021.
Full-wave Electromagnetic Numerical simulation Dr. Jayendra Kumar 12th Oct 2021.
Guest Lecture – Attack Mitigation in IoT Systems Dr. Ch Deepak, Dr. SMAK Azad 3rd Sep 2021.
International Workshop on Signal Processing using Machine Learning: Applications & Hands-On (Online) Dr. Amarjit Roy, Dr. Mohan Bansal, Dr. Lakhan Dev Sharma, Dr. Sunny Dayal, Dr. Neha Gupta, Dr. Rajeev Sharma 28th Aug 2021 to 1st Sep 2021.
5-Days Workshop on VLSI Device and Circuit Design Tools (Online) Dr. Rohit Lorenzo, Dr. Chandan Kumar Pandey and Dr. Umakanta Nanda 22nd June – 26th June 2021
5-Day Hands-On Training Program on Microstrip Microwave Components (Online) Dr. Jayendra Kumar, Dr. Bappadittya Roy and Dr. Khairnar Vikas Vishnu 24/05/2021 to 28/05/21
Webinar on Recent Trends and Opportunities in VLSI Dr. N Purnachand 24/04/2021
5-Days National workshop on Technical Report Writing using LaTex (Online) Dr. Mohan Bansal, Dr. Prateek Jain, Dr. Rajeev Sharma 05/04/2021-09/04/2021
One-day workshop on Microwave Hardware and Components Dr. Jayendra Kumar 08/03/2021
Industrial Visit to Dr. Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station (Dr. NTTPS), APGENCO Dr. Y V Pavan Kumar, Dr. John Pradeep 17/02/2020
Four days Faculty Development Program on Mapusoft RTOS simulator Dr. S Peddakrishna 05/02/2020 to 08/02/2020
Faculty Development Program on Python Productivity using PYNQ-Z2 Dr. S Peddakrishna 04/02/2020
Faculty Development Program on 3D Circuit Modelling using Multisim Mr. Kalyan Chakravarthi 04/10/2019
Faculty Development Program on ELVIS Boards and LabVIEW Dr. Y V Pavan Kumar 03/10/2019
Two-day Faculty Development Program on Cadence for VLSI Design-Front end to back end Dr. Umakanta Nanda, Dr. Deepak K Panda 26/09/2019 & 27/09/2019
Two Day hands-on FDP on Embedded Linux Programming Dr. Nandeesh Kumar, Dr. Ellison S M 28/06/2019 & 29/06/2019
One day hands-on FDP on Digital Signal Processing Dr. Sameeulla Khan Md, Dr. Jayendra Kumar 27/06/2019
Guest Lecture on “Emona Instruments Mr. Kalyan Chakravarthi 20/11/2019.
Guest Lecture on “Digital Signal Processing Dr. Jayendra Kumar 16/03/2019
First Annual Conference on Computer aided developments in Electronics and Communication (CADEC 2019) Dr. Achintya Kumar Sarkar, Dr. Jagadish Chandra M 02/03/2019 & 03/03/2019
ARM Wrestling – An Embedded Coding Contest (Code-A-Thon) Mr. Ganesh L K M, Dr. S Peddakrishna, Dr. Nandeesh Kumar. 01/11/2019
Digital Code Chef – A coding contest in Verilog (Code-A-Thon) Dr. Deepak CH, Dr. Deepak Kumar Panda 21/10/2019