Electronics & Communication Engineering

VIT-AP School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE)



Generate, transform, and advance knowledge in electronics and create competent engineers that will best serve mankind.


  • ★To deliver dynamic technical manpower for meeting the current and future demands of industry and academia to address social and industrial problems.
  • ★ To provide the foundations and advance knowledge of electronics and communication to engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs for becoming leading contributors to real world problems.
  • ★ To nurture collaboration with industries and research institutes around the world for education, research and social developments.


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in 2017. It has become the School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE) in January 2019. At present, the School is headed by Dr. Umakanta Nanda with 766 students, 41 faculty and 101 research scholars. The School has qualified and committed faculty members who offer impressive instruction in a variety of modes, exploring experiential learning approaches and new pedagogical methods in order to provide proper learning to students. The school provides the necessary infrastructure, hardware, and software to support the faculty for their continuous learning and research. The programmes offered under SENSE are meticulously designed with a strong real-world application and industrial relevance. They range from the application of science in transforming semi-conductor materials as usable devices which may be used to create “smart” innovative products, to enabling students design efficient, affordable, means and mechanisms of communicating information. At present, the following programmes are offered at the undergraduate level and post-graduation level.


B.Tech. ECE

(Electronics & Communication Engineering)

About the Programme: The objective of this programme is to learn the concepts of electronics and communication disciplines and apply them to solve real world problems in the industry. It emphasizes...