Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry


Department of Chemistry offers M. Sc. Programme. It provides ample opportunities to choose courses from a broad spectrum of cutting-edge areas in addition to fundamentals of organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and computational chemistry. Sessions on improving technical skills, scientific writing, oral presentations and research expertise have been incorporated in the curriculum. Furthermore, the students will have the scope to pursue their post-graduation thesis work at various national and international institutions and industries. Overall, through an approach of integrating the in-depth core and elective courses, and research work, instructed and guided by highly qualified and well experienced faculty members, students will gain the foundation and skill in advancing their career in higher studies as well as in industry.


Chemistry Laboratories


About Chemistry Laboratories:-

  • The Department of Chemistry is home to a range of outstanding facilities, benefiting both our students and research activities across the Department. The laboratories are having sophisticated modern digital analytical instruments like
  • 1.UV-visible spectrophotometer
  • 2.Fluorescence spectrometer
  • 3.Solution Calorimeter
  • 4.Distillation Units
  • 5.Dean and Stark apparatus
  • 6.RO water plant
  • 7.Rotary Evaporator
  • 8.Hot air oven
  • 9.Centrifuge
  • 10.Analytical Balance
  • 11.pH meter
  • 12.Conductivity meter
  • 13.Colorimeter
  • Moreover, the department has planned to have instruments such as atomic absorption spectrometer, FT-IR spectrometer, chromatography instruments, air sampler, water quality analyser, soil testing kit, to cater the project work requirement for the students.





Head of the Department

Specialization Areas: Powder Technology, Mineral Processing, Materials Technology, Petrochemicals, Biofuels


Specialization Areas: Small molecule activation, Homogeneous catalysis, Energy transportation and conversion, Reductive functionalization ,Reaction kinetics and mechanism


Specialization Areas: Main Group Chemistry, Supramolecular Inorganic Chemistry, Molecular and Material Engineering, Chalcogen Bonding, Biomimetic Catalysis and Electrocatalysis


Specialization Areas: Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Carrier Dynamics in Semiconduction Nanocrystals, Photophysics of Lead Halide Perovskites, Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy, Vibrational Coherence in Molecules and Solids


Specialization Areas: Magnetic Nanoparticles, Layered materials, Photocatalysis, Hetero-nanostructures, electron holography


Specialization Areas: Transition metals & Lanthanides Coordination Chemistry, Biological Studies of Metal Complexes, Molecular Sensors, Analytical and Electro-analytical Chemistry, Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials


Specialization Areas: Coordination Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Complex Architectures and Topology, Mechanically Interlocked Molecules, Systems Chemistry


Dr. Debakanta Tripathy
Specialization Areas: Metal-driven Self-assembly,Supramolecular Chemistry,Crystal Engineering,Molecular Design,Halogen bonding


Dr. Dripta De Joarder
Specialization Areas: Total synthesis of biologically active natural products, Development of Asymmetric synthetic methodologies, Design and development of Green catalysts, Peptide chemistry, Synthesis of Novel materials


Dr. Ritambhara Sharma
Specialization Areas: Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Metal complexed Dyes for Catalytic H2 Evolution and Sensors


Dr. M.V.V. Sreenivasu
Specialization Areas: Supramolecular Chemistry, Protein Chemistry, Ion and molecular recognition by using supramolecular scaffolds


Dr. Sachil Sharma
Specialization Areas: Solid State Chemistry,Materials Chemistry,Physical Chemistry,Ligand Protected Metal Nanoclusters,Magnetic Nanoparticles


Dr. Illa Ramakanth
Specialization Areas: Physical Chemistry, Colloids & Interface Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Molecular self-assembly, Analytical determinations and estimations, Nanotechnology


Dr. Triveni Rajashekar Mandlimath
Specialization Areas: Development of low-dimensional nanomaterials, heterogeneous catalysis, photocatalysis, water splitting, carbon dioxide reduction and pigments


Dr. Pratheep Kumar
Specialization Areas: Materials chemistry, Solid state chemistry, Physicochemical properties of inorganic materials, Inorganic ceramics, Nuclear ceramics


Dr. Bibhab Bandhu Majumdar
Specialization Areas: Computational biophysical chemistry, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics simulation, free energy calculations and enhanced sampling techniques, macromolecular crowding phenomena.


Dr.Satyanarayan Moru
Specialization Areas: Electrocatalysis, Energy conversion, Electrochemical sensors, Plant-wearable sensors, and Nanomaterials


Dr. Sandhya Sadanandan
Specialization Areas: Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Peptides and Carbohydrate Chemistry, Design and Synthesis of Dendrimers, Design and Synthesis of Biologically Active Small molecules, Supramolecular Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Biochemistry


Dr. Rajarshi Sarkar
Specialization Areas: Inorganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Catalysis, Single Molecular Magnet, Green Technology


Dr. Naga Prasad Puvvada
Specialization Areas: Design and Synthesis of nanobiocomposites,Bio scaffold applications, infections diseases,Nano drug delivery and wound healing,Nanovaccine,Nanomedicine based cancer and cardiology models


Dr. T Ramana
Specialization Areas: Development of New Synthetic Methodologies, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Ortho and meta directing group functionalization, Asymmetric Synthesis


Dr. Subbaiah Muthu Prabhu
Specialization Areas: Fate and transport of nanomaterials; Adsorption of toxins; Resource recovery; chemical oxidation via PMS activation; Sono/photocatalytic (visible and UV light) oxidation; 2D and MXene materials for Supercapacitors.


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