Clean Campus Club-Swachh VIT-AP


Club Name: Clean Campus Club-Swachh VIT-AP

Club Code:

Club Code: 01



  • ★ To understand the benefits of clean surrounding over untidy environment
  • ★ To create awareness among users to keep their surrounding clean through poster presentations, photography contests
  • ★ To organize cleanliness campaigns regularly in the campus
  • ★ To organize cleanliness competition among hostels in the campus


Expected Outcomes

  • ★ Students will get an opportunity to know the benefits of clean campus
  • ★ Awareness through poster presentations
  • ★ Participation in cleanliness campaigns


Club Coordinator


  • Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Saroj Kumar Panigrahy
  • Coordinator Email:
  • Club Email:
  • School: SCOPE
  • Intercom: 8632370360
  • Cabin: 329-B, Faculty Area-11, AB-1