Climate Change Club

Climate Change Club


Club Name: VIT-AP Climate Change Action Initiatives



  • ★ To create a platform for students to raise an awareness about the threats of climate change
  • ★ To make club members understand that even small changes in our everyday lives can collectively have significant impacts in mitigating global climate change
  • ★ To prepare students to work with local forest conservation communities which would help to join UN Education and Training of Youth in Climate Change
  • ★ To motivate citizens to reduce carbon emissions and adopt adaptation strategies at local, regional, and national levels


Expected Outcomes

  • ★ Inculcating student leadership ability in working with UN climate change projects
  • ★ Shaping students’ knowledge to join the UN climate change mission


Core Team

Department Name Position Registration Number
Administration Dr. Priyanka Ghosh Faculty Coordinator
Turlapati Phani Kumar President 21BCE7265
Documentation Team Chinmaya Kumar Swain Documentation Lead 21PHD7119
Content Writing Team Hari Priya Content Writing Lead 20BEV7027
Rishik Content Writing Team Member 21MIC7045
Design Team Aditya Guntupalli Design Lead 21BCE7962
Abhinaya Pidathala Design Team Member 21BEC7213
Technical Team M.Sriharsha Technical Lead 20BEC7044
Varun Shetgoankar Technical Team Member 21BCE8330
Event Management Team Aryan Shinde Event Management Lead 21BCE8722
Shaik Sabiha Event Management Team Member 21BAP7012
Himanshu Sanadhya Event Management Team Member 20MIS7089
Thanmayi Event Management Team Member 21BAP7024
Zavaria Mohammad Event Management Team Member 21BAP7025
K.Bhanu Sri Purna Event Management Team Member 21BAP7023
Social Media and Marketing Team Madallapalle Venkata Hemanth Social Media / Marketing Lead 20BES7004
Ch. Sri Sai Lokesh Social Media / Marketing Team Member 21BCE7155



Outreach programs at ZP High School, Inavolu and Mandadam ZP High School on 8th April, 2023 and 12th April, 2023

Climate Clicks – 4th February, 2023.