M. Sc. Data Science
in collaboration with QpiAI, India

PG Programme: M.Sc. Data Science
in collaboration with QpiAI, India

Duration of the Programme: 2yr

Academic Year 2022-23


  • Undergraduate degrees such as B.A., B.Sc., B.Math., B.Stat., B.E., B.Tech. etc. with 60% marks, with a background in Mathematics or Statistics or Computer Science or Data Science


About the Programme:

Many industry experts and popular business publications have attested that Data in the 21st Century is, like Oil in the 18th Century, the most valuable resource in the world. Hence, the smooth functionality of everything from the government to local companies depends on how we understand data, without which the progress would halt. For those who realize the fundamental value of Data and learn to extract and use it, there will be huge rewards in the current data-driven economy. Data science is a multidisciplinary field that involves the use of scientific methods, processes, and algorithms to extract insights from the large and ever-increasing volumes of data collected and created by today’s organizations. Data science drives a significant proportion of global economic activity and is influencing scientific progress across numerous fields. Therefore, this program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry in the areas of Data Science.

Our 2-year Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Data Science is an advanced degree programme designed to provide specialized training in analytical and computational Statistics that finds its applications everywhere ranging from healthcare, banking, to governance.

Our programme is designed to go beyond traditional teaching methodologies from teaching students to acquire fundamental knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer science to instill the interest to get introduced to the cutting-edge state of the art data science technologies and gain hands-on experience via active learning through lab embedded courses and mini-projects, Capstone Project, and Internship.

The course aims to help students develop statistical programming skills with a career prospect in the corporate. The two years M.Sc. Data Science degree programme in collaboration with QpiAI, India helps students gain strong methodological foundations in analytical statistics, handle statistical consultations and learn the various techniques, skills, and use of tools.

Career Prospect:

According to Harvard Business Review, “Data Scientist is a high-ranking professional with the expertise and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of Big Data”. As the world is increasingly turning to data for decision making, and the amount of the data being generated is growing exponentially, there is a huge demand for Data Scientists not only in established companies but also in start-ups that work on cutting-edge technology-based products, as they rush to hire Data Scientists to tame their business-critical Big Data. In any organization, a data scientist does the model-driven analysis of its data, to help it to improve planning, increase productivity. Data scientists are needed to work at various levels of business decision-making, such as tactical, operational, and strategic levels, and to share insights with the business. Therefore, Data Scientists are coveted professionals in industries and sectors such as IT industries, Research institutions, Banking, and Financial sector, Educational sector, Consulting firms, Pharmaceutical companies, Automobile industries.



VIT-AP University‘s Merit Scholarships for PG Non-engineering Programmes

  • G. V. PG Merit Scholarship:
    100% Full Merit scholarship to a candidate who has secured CGPA of 9.0 or 90% and above (whichever is applicable) in the 6 Semesters/ Three Years of the qualifying UG examination
  • Rajeswari PG Merit Scholarship:
    50% scholarship to a candidate who has secured CGPA of 8.0 or 80% and above (whichever is applicable) in the 6 Semesters/ Three Years of the qualifying UG examination and an additional 25% for a girl candidate making it a 75% scholarship.



FAQs – M. Sc. Data Science in collaboration with QpiAI, India programme

General Information:

  • Q. Is there any hostel facility in VIT-AP?
    Answer: Yes, VIT-AP provides highly secure and well-guarded hostel facility separately for boys and girls. For more details visit https://vitap.ac.in/hostels/
  • Q. Is there any transportation facility for students?
    Answer: Yes, VIT-AP provides bus transportation facility for the day scholar students. The buses are safe, secure, and driven by responsible personnel. Day scholars can avail the bus facility from Vijayawada, Guntur, and Tenali. For more details visit https://vitap.ac.in/transport/
  • Q. Can I visit the campus to know more about the program and University?
    Answer: Yes, you are welcome to visit the University to get to know more about the program and the University.


Program Information:

  • Q. What is data Science?
    Answer: Data Science is a multi- disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms to produce knowledge & insights from structured & unstructured data. It utilises techniques & theories derived from many fields such as computer science, mathematics, statistics & information science to process and analyse large amount of data, and to present the results to reveal patterns and enable stakeholders to draw informed conclusions.
  • Q. Why is it important to join this program?
    Answer: The technological advances used to be mostly driven by improved hardware that increased processing power, but also impelled physical limitations, therefore, the focus has now been shifting to software-driven applications. Data, the oil of the digital economy as it is called, is expected fuel our future. With the increase of computing power and digital storage come many new possibilities that – just ten to fifteen years ago – were beyond our imagination. Such new developments led to an increased demand for Data Scientist not just in IT sector but also in sectors such as banking and finance, automotive, energy, healthcare, transport, retail, and virtually every domain you can think of. Data has already started driving business decisions – from small regional offices to the boardroom – and hence graduates from study programmes in Data Science will be directly involved in important strategic decision-making processes. The program is designed to create knowledge pool that can address the ever-growing demand and challenges for experts in this field.


Eligibility and Admissions:

  • Q. What are the eligibility criteria for admission into this program?
    Answer: Undergraduate degree in Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Science/Computer Applications/Data Science or UG Degree in Engineering or Technology in CSE/IT/ECE/EEE/E&I with a 60% of marks (Inclusive of all subjects).
  • Q. What is the closing date for issue of applications?
    Answer: You may contact the VIT-AP University Admissions Office.
  • Q. When and how can I apply?
    Answer: The M. Sc Data Science program uses the online application for the VIT-AP University. Please refer to the University Website.


Choosing Courses:

  • Q. What are the important courses offered in this program?
    Answer: The curriculum is designed in such a way that graduating students will be industry ready. The study of data science is constituted with the knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. The proposed program specialization will help students acquire the knowledge about industry relevant skills on Mathematical modeling, statistical modeling, data science concepts, machine learning principles and algorithms and visualization techniques.
  • Q. Does the curriculum provide industry internship or project-based learning opportunities?
    Answer: The curriculum has scope for all the advanced teaching-learning methodologies such as application-oriented and project-based learning and industry internships.



  • Q. What is the fee structure for this program?
    Answer: Contact Admissions Office, VIT-AP University.
  • Q. Are there any scholarships provided?
    Answer: VIT-AP University provides scholarships for meritorious students based on assessment.


Careers in Data Science:

  • Q. What are the career opportunities for the graduates of this program?
    Answer: This Inter-disciplinary program brings together a lot of skills required by Data Scientists with adequate domain knowledge to help any organization find ways to take major business decisions, reduce costs, get into new markets, launch a new product or service, find the sentiment of the customers, so on. The following industries/sectors would be the expected employers.
    • IT industries
    • Research institutions
    • Banking sector
    • Consulting firms
    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • Automobile industries and
    • Finance
    • Educational sector
  • Q. Does VIT-AP offer Campus placement facilities?
    Answer: VIT Provides centralized campus placements throughout all the VIT Campuses.

M. Sc. Physics
in collaboration with NoPo Nanotechnologies, India

PG Programme: M.Sc. Physics
in collaboration with NoPo Nanotechnologies, India

Merit Scholarships for PG Programmes

Duration of the Programme: 2yr

Academic Year 2022-23


  • B.Sc. degree from any recognized university with Physics / Applied Sciences with an 60% of marks (Inclusive of all subjects)


About the Programme

The M.Sc. Physics programme aims to develop an application and technology oriented learning, along with an in-depth training of the core classical areas of Physics. The programme is designed with a combination of theoretical, experimental, and project-based learning components of Physics to enhance the passion for the subject, a deep understanding on various interdisciplinary areas, and a desire to contribute for the development of new technologies. Under this programme, students get an opportunity to get introduced to cutting edge modern day technologies and gain experience via active hands-on learning.

The programme is of two years duration and is split into four semesters. Students have the opportunity to get engaged in interim and final semester projects, and work in the many interdisciplinary areas of research active in the University. You may please contact our faculty members for further details regarding the curriculum.

Career Prospects

Graduates in M.Sc. Physics will have promising prospects both in academia and industry. Career profiles for degree holders range from research scientist in various organizations, science advisor in academia, instrumentation, materials and manufacturing sectors in the industry. Further openings, depending on the graduate’s specialization; lie in various novel areas such as energy sectors, defence sector, medical physics, aerospace and many more. Interested graduates could also proceed for doctoral programmes at premier institutes in India, or at various institutions across the globe.


FAQs – M.Sc. Physics in collaboration with NoPo Nanotechnologies, India programme

  • Q. What is the eligibility criteria for the programme?
    Answer: Students with a Bachelor’s degree with minimum 60 % marks in Physics as major subject.
  • Q. When is the start date for the programme?
    Answer: Fall semester (starting July/August) 2022
  • Q. What is the duration of the programme?
    Answer: 2 years (4 semesters)
  • Q. Is there any research project opportunity available during the programme?
    Answer: The M.Sc. Physics programme includes a final semester project work within the department. Also, there is an interim Science, Engineering and Technology project that students could engage in.
  • Q. Is there any specialization offered?
    Answer: There are specializations offered in various subjects, having relevance in frontline industry and research.
  • Q. What are the career opportunities in after obtaining the degree?
    Answer: There are multiple career opportunities upon completion of degree. They are categorized below:
    1. Research positions
    Degree holders could get into Ph.D. programmes at national and international institutes or Universities.
    Research scientist positions are also available for M.Sc. Physics graduates in premier organizations such as BARC, ISRO and DRDO, and other organizations in the Research & Development sectors.
    2. Teaching positions
    Degree holders are eligible to be appointed as lecturers in colleges all across India.
    3. In industry
    Degree holders could get into electronics, instrumentation, materials and manufacturing industry depending on their specialization. They could also join in as scientific assistants in forensic laboratories, and scientific advisors in various organizations.


M. Sc. Chemistry
in collaboration with Mitsui Kinzoku Components India (MKCI)

PG Programme: M.Sc. Chemistry
in collaboration with Mitsui Kinzoku Components India (MKCI)

Merit Scholarships for PG Programmes

Duration of the Programme: 2yr

Academic Year 2022-23


  • B.Sc. degree in either Chemistry or Applied Chemistry or Applied Science from any recognized university with Physics or Mathematics or Botany or Zoology as ancillary subjects with an 60% of marks (Inclusive of all subjects).


About the Programme

The two-year M.Sc. Chemistry in collaboration with Mitsui Kinzoku Components India (MKCI) offered by VIT-AP University provides students ample opportunities to choose courses from a broad spectrum of cutting-edge areas in addition to fundamentals of organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and computational chemistry. Sessions on improving technical skills, scientific writing, oral presentations and research expertise have been incorporated in the curriculum. Furthermore, the students will have the scope to pursue their masters thesis work at various national and international institutions and industries. Overall, through an approach of integrating the in-depth core and elective courses, and research work, instructed and guided by highly qualified and well experienced faculty members, students will gain the foundation and skill in advancing their career in higher studies as well as in industry.

Career Prospects

The M.Sc. Chemistry in collaboration with Mitsui Kinzoku Components India (MKCI) graduates from VIT-AP University will be highly eligible for employment in a wide variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, polymers, food processing etc. The students will be qualified to appear for various positions in government organizations and PSUs including ONGC, HPCL, BPCL, NTPC, GAIL. Moreover, the opportunity to pursue higher academic degrees from reputed Indian and foreign universities will be widely opened to the students.


FAQs – M.Sc. Chemistry in collaboration with Mitsui Kinzoku Components India (MKCI) programme

  • Q. What are the entry requirements for the MSc programmes offered by the Department of Chemistry?
    Answer: A pass in BSc, with Chemistry as one of the subjects and with an overall pass percentage of 50% marks.
  • Q. Am I eligible to apply?
    Answer: Yes. A candidate who passed BSc degree OR studying in the final semester, with Chemistry as one of the subjects and with an overall pass percentage of 50% marks.
  • Q. Which programme is most suitable for my profile?
    Answer: Our VIT-AP University offers PG level programmes at present in various science disciplines (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) You can select based on your area of interest.
  • Q. How do I apply?
    Answer: The application process will be in online mode. Please refer regularly our website http://www.vitap.ac.in
  • Q. Where can I get help with the application process?
    Answer: (Our Admission Office contact numbers may be provided here).
  • Q. When should I submit my application?
    Answer: By online mode as per the format given. (Submitting in person may also be considered by Admission Office).
  • Q. What should my application include?
    Answer: Fill your application in the given format and also attach the required documents as requested in the application form.
  • Q. Do I need to write VIT-AP University entrance exam?
    Answer: (At present, NO entrance exam by VIT-AP University. Admission Office may provide correct information).
  • Q. If I am still undertaking a degree, can I apply to your MSc?
    Answer: Yes. A candidate studying in the final semester of BSc degree, with Chemistry as one of the subjects can apply.
  • Q. Do I need to submit a transcript at the time of applying for MSc?
    Answer: For applying, a transcript is not required. During counselling process, you need to submit all the transcripts.
  • Q. How can I check the progress of my application?
    Answer: You can check by logging into the VIT-AP University website with your application username and password.
  • Q. How will I get the final decision on my application?
    Answer: You can check by logging into the VIT-AP University website with your application username and password.
  • Q. How much does it cost to study MSc Chemistry at VIT-AP University?
    Answer: (Depends. Day scholar or Hosteller. Admission Office may provide correct answer)
  • Q. How do I apply for accommodation?
    Answer: Once you got selected, you can apply for hostel accommodation by online mode.
  • Q. Where can I see the structure and courses of each programme?
    Answer: Kindly refer our VIT-AP University website.
  • Q. Can I study the MSc part-time?
    Answer: At present full-time programmes only offered
  • Q. I have a question about the programme content/structure which is not answered on the website. Who can I contact with my query?
    Answer: You are most welcome to contact our Admission Office and you will be guided accordingly.
  • Q. Where do the MSc Chemistry students go after course completion?
    Answer: For higher studies such as PhD in reputed institutions and also job opportunities in many industries.
  • Q. Are the Department’s MSc programmes a suitable route to top PhD programmes?
    Answer: Yes. The PG programme is structured in such a way for having good chances to get admissions in reputed institutions.
  • Q. Can I automatically progress from the MSc Chemistry to the PhD programme in VIT-AP University?
    Answer: You can apply for PhD admission in VIT-AP University.