Career Advantage – VISH

Career Advantage – VISH


Career Opportunities for Programmes Offered by the VIT-AP School of Social Sciences and Humanities (VISH)


The VIT-AP School of Social Sciences and Humanities (VISH) presently offers Ph.D. programmes in the disciplines of English Language Teaching, English Literature, Linguistics, and Anthropology. VISH will also be commencing with a new dual degree programme—B.A./M.A. Public Services—from the academic year 2021

Acquiring a Ph.D. degree in the areas of English Literature, Linguistics, or Language Teaching, would allow students to enter into careers in academia and higher education as assistant professors. Students will also be equipped to enter into the industry as language trainers, editors in publishing houses, digital-content writers, lexicographers, and journalists, to name a few possibilities.

Ph.D. holders in Anthropology have a wide-range of career options from teaching in academia to serving in NGOs, health-care, museums, development, advisory, and research initiatives organized by the government, and marketing and industry-research among others.

The B.A./M.A. Public Services programme is designed to offer students not only opportunities in pursuing a career in the Public Services, but also specialized training in cracking the U.P.S.C. exams. A career in Public Service would consist of serving in government jobs in the capacity of civil service officers, revenue officers, members of the police force, among others. This is a programme meant to train students who aspire to work at the level of the bureaucratic service in the government.

The dual degree B.A./M.A. Public Services programme is offered by VISH in collaboration with faculty experts from AKS Academy, a reputed organization that offers tailor-made courses to coach students for the Civil Services exams. AKS Academy would ensure that students receive training right from the first year onwards for the long-term goal of succeeding in the U.P.S.C exams. In addition to the specialized training provided by AKS, the B.A./M.A. Public Services degree programme will offer students in-depth training and courses in core-subjects from the social sciences and the humanities such as History, Geography, Psychology, Economics, Anthropology, and English. Therefore, students possessing a specialized degree in B.A./M.A. Public Services would have the added advantage of not only holistic training in the humanities and social sciences, but also exam-oriented training for the U.P.S.C. exams.

Another notable feature of this new programme is that students will have the option of exiting with just an undergraduate degree (B.A.) if they choose to do so, or to continue for another 2 years and exit with both a B.A. and an M.A. degree. Students who exit with a B.A. Degree will also have the option to pursue M.A. degree programmes in Development studies and Social Work at the higher education levels if they so desire. Further on, students who complete the dual-degree B.A./M.A. Public Services programme can avail of numerous career options in the Indian Public Services such as IAS, IPS, IFS, Indian Corporate Law Services, State Civil Services, State Police Services, Excise and Taxation officers, Revenue Services, and many more.