B.Tech. – Mechanical Engineering

About the Programme

The undergraduate programme in Mechanical Engineering has a strong focus over the design of mechanical systems and hands-on experience. The programme includes in-depth study of thermal, design, manufacturing and automation courses at core curriculum level to design the systems relevant for industries.

In addition to the theoretical and laboratory based curriculum, students have to complete engineering clinics courses and a capstone project. The students have to complete a co-op in the industry for one semester. This degree programme provides a strong foundation in mechanical engineering discipline, development of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Besides the technical skills, the academic programmes also sharpen communication, writing and problem solving skills.

The department has state of the art facilities in the Thermal Engineering Systems Laboratory, Fluid Lab, Materials Engineering Lab, Manufacturing Process Lab, Workshop, Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab, Strength of Materials Lab, Engines Lab, Robotic Laboratory, Heat Transfer Laboratory.

Career prospects

The undergraduate mechanical engineers have a huge employment opportunities in the automobile, manufacturing, instrumentation and mechanical engineering design oriented industries.




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