B.Tech. -Computer Science & Engineering

About the Programme

The Computer Science and Engineering programme at VIT-AP is a unique blend of hardware and software, allowing students to gain knowledge about the concepts that enable many of today’s fundamental technologies, including Wireless Communication and the Internet of Things.

The initial level courses provide students with a core foundation in programming, mathematical reasoning, physics and circuit design.  The latter part blends fundamentals in computer science including software engineering, database management system, computer networks, operating systems and computer architecture with fundamentals in electrical engineering including digital logic design and embedded systems.

Elective courses allow students to specialize in advanced areas of computer science. In this programme, you will gain hands-on experience in the theory and application of computing, as well as practical experience through Engineering Clinics, Capstone Project and Internship. Students pursuing computer science courses will acquire knowledge of design, implementation and management of information system of both hardware and software. You will, further, learn to use computing and information technology to help solve existing and potential real world problems that we face in business, science and society.

Career Prospects

Students can either opt for higher studies and carry out research or find a job after the successful completion of B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering.
In today’s world, a career in IT industry is considered to be lucrative because of its high paid jobs and challenging as it offers competitive environment for career advancement. There are ample opportunities in the areas of database management, data analytics, embedded systems, IOT, computer hardware/software implementation and maintenance, gaming, web designing and other related domains.

Students can

work in various sectors including public and private as programmers, software developers, data analysts, software and system engineers, system analysts, web designers, website developers, mobile application developers etc to name a few.


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