ARMONIE – VSL ADR Association

ARMONIE – VSL ADR Association



ARMONIE- VSL ADR ASSOCIATION is inherently working towards imparting practical and research skills primarily in the field of Alternate dispute resolution. Being aware of the complications involved in the tiresome endless court proceedings, especially in the commercial disputes and family matters, ARMONIE nexus on sensitising and spreading awareness of the alternate methods for settlement. The association vision is to promote and provide all necessary resources to the students of VIT-AP SCHOOL OF LAW in order to inculcate ADR skills through workshops, certificate courses besides intra and national ADR competitions. ARMONIE is established to ensure that students at our law school are effectively trained in areas regarding Alternate Dispute Resolution and revamp their mediation and negotiation skills along with inculcating comprehensive knowledge of law and regulations concerning ADR mechanism effectuate rational resolutions for disputes.

Prof Mula Sneha Goud
Faculty Coordinator

ADR Student Coordinator

ADR Student Coordinator

ADR Workshop

Armonie – VSL ADR Association has conducted a workshop on Mediation and Its Importance on 18th November 2022. Students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd years, VIT-AP School of law had actively participated in the workshop and made it a grand success..

Amonie – VSL ADR Association has the following goals:

  • ★ Conduct workshops and boot camps on various ADR mechanisms to help students develop awareness on ADR.
  • ★ Conduct various intra school competitions
  • ★ Help students and guide them for external competitions.

Mr. Vignesh, the Student Coordinator addressed the students and introduced the concept, importance and the Career opportunities in ADR. Followed by Ms. Rashmitha, the student coordinator continued with the session where she elaborated on the basic rules of the competition, the nature and type of the competitions ADR association conducts.. She also gave rules specific to all the participants concerned with their role and enlightened the students about the steps involved in mediation in precise.

Then, Prof. Sneha Mula continued the session and briefed the students on how family law, commercial/contract law disputes are solved using ADR and also highlighted the responsibility of Counsel and Mediator in the competition. The workshop concluded with a Q & A session followed by a group photo.

Mediation Competition

The 1st intra school mediation competition happened on 19th of November, 2022. The organizers of the competition are Ms. Rashmitha and Mr. Vignesh, the faculty co-ordinator being Prof Sneha Mula.

The competition started in the afternoon at 2:30 pm where judges and participants briefing happened. The competition exactly started at 3pm with preliminary rounds happening in 7 different venues. Organizers have finished the arrangement before hand.

Prelims got finished within 30 minutes and results are announced right after the competition. And then finals started with top scoring 2 teams competing against each other. After one hour mediation session Aswini, Navitha and Chandana emerged as the winners of the competition as it was adjudged by 2 judges.

At last, medals were distributed to the winners and runners.