A talk on Lacan, Language and Education

  • November 13, 2019

Department of Languages oragnised a One Day Faculty Development Programme on 13th of November 2019 from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. The Dean of School of English Language Education, EFL University Hyderabad, Dr. Sudhakar Venukapalli was the resource person. He addressed the department and delivered a talk on the topic ‘Lacan, Language and Education’.

Dr. Sudhakar elaborated the theories of Psychoanalysis postulated by Jacques Lacan. He explained how the theories of Lacan differ from the Freudian notion of Psychoanalysis and how the linguistic aspects are incorporated into the Lacanian notions. The semiotics and the functioning of the human mind was dexterously brought into the forefront by the resource person. His discussion- based talk shed light into various aspects of education where the Lacanian concepts came in play. Through the Lacanian lens he viewed the real, imaginary and symbolic order and placed them in the context of education. How reflective practices in teaching can be aided if we look through the lens of Lacan was one of the major concepts evolved from the discussion.

In the post-lunch session, Sigmund Freud’s theories were discussed. The faculty members of the department made outstanding contribution to the discussion by bringing in their experiences as well as case studies. With this session the programme extended its scope beyond educational purposes and involved important sensitive societal aspects which could be viewed and explained in terms of Freudian theories.

A day of brainstorming, effective and fruitful discussion and dissemination of knowledge came to an end by the evening with a formal vote of thanks by the Head of the Department and with a group photo session. Dr. Karthika V.K. co-ordinated the programme.