B.Tech. CSE -(Specialization in Robotics)

About the Programme

The B.Tech. course in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Robotics offered by VIT-AP is to meet the demands of designing intelligent and automated systems for societal and business needs. The initial level courses provide students with a core foundation in programming, mathematical reasoning, physics and circuit design. The latter part blends fundamentals in computer science including Introduction to Robotics, Embedded Robotic programming, Robo kinematics and Dynamics, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language processing, Representation Reasoning, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Digital Logic Design, Discrete Mathematical Structures, Operating System, Software Engineering, Database Management Systems and Computer Networks, sensors and control systems, Signal Acquisition and conditioning. Apart from the core areas, electives allow students to specialize in advanced fields. Hence, the programme focuses on the practical and theoretical dimensions of Robotics across a range of fundamental areas, such as Machine design Robotics, Industrial Automation, Plant Layout and Material handling, modelling and simulation.

Career Prospects

Need of Intelligent and automated systems in the private, public sectors and government organizations is rapidly increasing. The design of these system involves technology of robots, interdomain skills, and extensive knowledge of computing and robotic design. The students have career opportunities in private manufacturing and design companies, public organizations, Military & Defence, Health Care industry, Education, Agriculture, and Government institutions.

The jobs in Robotics include Robotics Engineer, Robotics analysts and designer, Robotics Sales Engineers, Robotics Accounts Manager, Robotics Scientists, AI specialists, Research scientists, AI and ML Engineer, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Scientist, AI Software Engineer, and so on.



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