5 Days Workshop on Blockchain Technology and its Applications


5 Days Workshop on Blockchain Technology and its Applications

17thJanuary 2022 to 21stJanuary 2022


About the Workshop

Blockchain Technology is an emerging technology suitable for decentralised and transactional sharing of data across a large network of untrusted participants. It is an innovative distributed ledger technology where verification data for the transactional records is cryptographically secured against tampering and stored in blocks. Each block contains details of transactions, hash of the previous block, timestamp etc. Blocks are linked with each other, leading to a Block Chain and this is stored at every node in the network. This enables transparency and gives a unique solution to the problem of trust in the digital world, leading towards decentralised trust. It has good potential to transform the logging and management of transactions in different application areas. This technology is successfully used in Bitcoin virtual currency and it also has good potential in non-financial sectors such as Governance, healthcare, cyber security, automobiles, media, travel, hospitality, energy, smart cities, time stamping, logging of important events in a system, recording transactions, etc.

This workshop is intended to provide opportunities for educationalist, researchers, professionals and students to upgrade their knowledge in the area of Blockchain Technology. Considering the growing importance of Blockchain Technologies and its potential in different sectors, this five-days’ workshop is planned and sessions would be delivered by experts from academia and industry.


About University

With a history of 32 years of innovation in educational and research domain, VIT has been a forerunner in delivering quality education. Consistently ranked among the top educational institutes in the country, the VIT group of institutions have had a proud tradition of pursuing knowledge and excellence. In keeping with this tradition, the leadership at VIT-AP resonates a dynamic blend of academic initiative and industry partnership with a vision of creating one of the finest academic destinations in the world. The VIT-AP campus, which is poised to become one of the country’s best campuses, offers several avenues to explore your interests, identify core competencies, and engage in an evolving lifecycle of education and growth.


Workshop Objectives

  • 1. To disseminate the knowledge of blockchain technology among students, researchers and academicians
  • 2. To discuss the current status of the blockchain development and research work in India and across the world.


Workshop Topics

  • ★ Getting Started with Blockchain Technology
  • ★ Blockchain fundamental
  • ★ Blockchain Intuition Hands-On
  • ★ Cryptocurrency Intuition: Bitcoin Case Study of Blockchain
  • ★ Cryptocurrency Transactions Intuition
  • ★ Cryptocurrency Intuition: – Hands-On

Who should Attend:
☆ Members from Industry, Government Organisations, Faculty, Researchers and PG/UG students

☆ A Certificate of participation will be awarded to each participant on conclusion of the programme.

☆ (Online Mode Through Microsoft Team/Google Meet)

Speaker Details:
☆ Speaker from reputed institutions with good working experience in the field of Blockchain Technology will deliver their talk


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Important Dates:

Last Date for Registration: 15thJanuary 2022
Workshop Dates: 17th to 21stJanuary 2022


Registration Link


Registration Fees:

Faculty from other Institution and Industry person: 500 (Indian Rupees)
Research Scholar, PG/UG Students: 200 (Indian Rupees)
(Free for VIT-AP Students, researchers and Faculty Members)


Selection Criteria:
☆ Selection will be done based on first-come-first-serve basis. The selected candidates have to pay the registration fee. (Payment link will be sent through E-mail)



Dr. Somya Ranjan Sahoo

Email: somyaranjan.sahoo@vitap.ac.in
Mobile No: 9882894026


Mr. Asish Kumar Dalai

Email: asish.d@vitap.ac.in
Mobile No: 9861209891


Dr. Saroj Panigrahy

Email: saroj.panigrahy@vitap.ac.in
Mobile No: 9438003014


Dr. Sanjit Ningthoujam

Email: sanjit.n@vitap.ac.in
Mobile No: 9485246039



School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE)

VITAP, University, Andhra Pradesh