3 Days workshop on Advances in Materials Processing – 3D Printing and Opportunities

  • June 24, 2021

3 Days workshop on Advances in Materials Processing – 3D Printing and Opportunities

Date: 24-26th July 2021


About the Workshop


This workshop is an effort to provide exposure to the young researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students on science and technology of Materials Processing with emphasis on 3D Printing. Leading researchers from various institutes like IISc Bangalore, IITs, NITs are the resource persons for conducting workshop. The emphasis of each session concentrates on fundamental understanding to technological development.


Workshop Topics:


  • ★ Additive Manufacturing of Metal
  • ★ Metallurgical Aspects of 3D Printed Metals
  • ★ Characterization of Materials
  • ★ Corrosion of Additive Manufactured Alloy
  • ★ Polymer Processing and 3D Printing Case Studies
  • ★ Additive Manufacturing Research Opportunities
  • ★ Polymer 3D Printing Technologies
  • ★ Polymer Nanocomposites and its Interface Aspects
  • ★ Polymer Blends and Composites for EMI Shielding Applications
  • ★ Epoxy Nanocomposites




Available Seats: 485 (first-come-first-serve basis)

Platform:MS Teams

Last date of Registration: 22.7.2021 (Last Date Extended to 22nd July 2021)

REGISTRATION PAYMENT LINK: https://vtop2.vitap.ac.in/AMP/Conferenceinitial

After registration, email the following Name, Institute, Email Address and payment receipt at smec.workshop@vitap.ac.in

The E-Certificate will be provided to all the participants after successful completion of the workshop

Resource Persons:

  • ★ Dr. Suryasarathi Bose, IISc Bangalore
  • ★ Dr. Rajkumar V, IIT Jammu
  • ★ Dr. Rajesh Khatrikar, VNIT Nagpur
  • ★ Dr. Vijay Hiwarkar, DIAT Pune
  • ★ Dr. Sashi Bhushan Arya, NIT Karnataka
  • ★ Dr. Divya Padmanabhan, PCE, Navi Mumbai
  • ★ Dr. Ariful Rahaman, VIT Vellore
  • ★ Dr. Sreekanth M S, VIT Vellore
  • ★ Dr. Akash Mohanty, VIT Vellore
  • ★ Dr. Manikanta Ravindra, VIT-AP University.

Coordinator:Dr. Pankaj Tambe (Email-ID: pankaj.tambe@vitap.ac.in)

Co-coordinator : Dr. Ambuj Sharma (Email-ID: sharma.ambuj@vitap.ac.in)

For Queries, email at smec.workshop@vitap.ac.in