• The fundamental objective of Toastmasters Club at VIT-AP is to educate students through the process of self-improvement and leadership training so that they may increase their confidence and usefulness in business, professional and community life.
  • To promote the habit of analytical listening in the youth through various activities.
  • To develop their confidence and ability to express their views in public.
  • To develop leadership capacity and advance mutual understanding through more effective communication.
  • To promote good fellowship among students from various cultures and traditions.

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhanced Leadership Qualities.
  • Betterment of Communication skills through various interactive activities such as Debates, Model United Nations and Mock Parliament Session.
  • Development of managerial skills and decision-making skills of the students.
  • Personality development and increased confidence in public.
  • Increased knowledge base with discussions, deliberations and debate on various socio-political and economical topics of both International and National nature
  • Better Listening, Thinking and Speaking skills in students through various activities such as J.A.M Session(Just A Minute)

Club Coordinator

  • Faculty Name: Dr. Thahiya Afzal
  • Department: English