• To spread the love of mathematics to the obscure areas of the world where mathematics is feared and/or disrespected.
  • To offer an ideal avenue for a free exchange of mathematical ideas and for frank and helpful criticism of these ideas.
  • To promote an interest and awareness of mathematics through a social and intellectual environment.
  • To help students in developing heuristic and problem-solving attitude.
  • To create a platform for the students to develop intuitive, explorative and creative thinking skills.
  • To offer a social outlet for students with a serious interest in mathematics to work on problem solving techniques that go beyond regular classroom curriculum.
  • To enjoy mathematics and develop patience and persistence when solving problems
  • To organize lectures, events and competitions to promote the beauty & applicability of Mathematics.

Expected Outcomes

Students will be able to

  • Experience mathematics outside of regular course work.
  • Learn some of the great mathematicians and their revolutionary contribution.
  • Inculcate feeling of discovery and development.
  • Improve the following organizational skills.
    -Inter/intra-group collaboration.
    -Idea actualization; event planning and organization.

Club Coordinator

  • Faculty Name: Dr. Venkatrajam Marka
  • Department: Mathematics