Happy Hours


    • To promote the importance of happiness and benefits of being happy
    • To help the students to transform their lives to be happy, successful, and at peace
    • To increase the endurance for dealing with life’s problems
    • To teach the students the ways to improve their emotional health
    • To train the stress management skills and behavioral balancing skills
    • To conduct seminars, meetings and events to present the strategies to live the life to the fullest

    Expected Outcomes

      Students will be able to

    • Balance the emotional and behavioral disorders
    • Manage stress and anxiety
    • Improve their lives and make good decisions
    • Access the wisdom within them, and they become more loving, and experience peacefulness
    • Students will have a wonderful time, smile, and laugh a lot!
    • Meetings are educational, and everyone takes something home with them to use in their life in order to be a happier person

    Club Coordinator

    • Faculty Name: Prof. Hari Kishan Kondaveeti
    • Department: Computer Science