Merit Scholarships of upto 50% on Academic Fees

VIT-AP School of Business is announcing scholarships for all meritorious students, which will reduce the academic fees paid by the students by 10%, 25% or 50%. Students will get assured scholarship based on the 12th marks. Those students who have excelled in co-curricular and extracurricular activities will be considered for higher level scholarship.

Interested candidates should apply online for the BBA program and email Name, Application number and scanned copies of 10th std. and 12th std. marksheets and proof of co-curricular/extracurricular achievements to Those who want to be considered for Need based scholarship should include a certificate of family income.

Merit and Merit cum Need Scholarships are offered to students with exceptional academic record and performance at state / national level in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The scholarship provided cover upto 50% of the academic fees. A few Full Scholarships are available for outstanding candidates, which covers 100% of the academic fees.

bba scholarship example

  • – Assured – a candidate with the specified aggregate percentage will get scholarship based on the 12th Std. performance
  • – Assured – Based on the performance in 10th Std., 12th Std., MTPI and Other Achievements, the scholarship may be increased
  • – Need Based – Deserving students with good overall performance will be considered separately
  • – Scholarship will be applicable for three years subject to maintaining academic discipline and CGPA of 8


Asha has scored an aggregate of 91.6% in CBSE. Arun has scored an aggregate of 93.4% in AP intermediate board. As per the above table Asha will be eligible for a scholarship of 25% of the academic fees (which is equivalent to Rs68,750/year) and Arun will be eligible for a scholarship of 10% of the academic fees (which is equivalent to Rs27,500). If Arun has achieved at the state or national level in co-curricular or extracurricular events, he may be given 25% scholarship. In the same way, Asha may get 50% scholarship if she has achieved at the state or national levels.

Interested candidates can apply online and take the interview in person by visiting the campus or via skype.

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For queries call 08632370444 / 7901057255 or email


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